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Our consultancy is specialized in ROI optimization with in-depth data analytics through statistical analysis and modelling, as well as data management and dashboarding solutions.

Our client base ranges from mid-sized enterprises to international corporations from a wide variety of industries. These include real estate, retail, pharmaceutical and media companies, as well as media agencies and ad sales companies.

We help our clients to optimise their marketing budgets, better understand their customers and to gain deeper insight into their efficiency through tailored business intelligence solutions and Artificial Intelligence.

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Marketing Optimisation

We optimize our clients’ ROI through data driven cost and performance analysis by taking a deep dive into individual channel performance, holistic analysis through marketing mix models and attribution modelling along with price strategy and cost analysis. Out tools include complex statistics, econometrics as well as machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Through our analysis we support our client’s decision making and provide blueprints for optimising their return on investment.


Understanding our customers propensities, preferences and behaviour can be a challenging task especially due to ever changing regulatory measures. With a data driven approach we help our customers gaining insight into behavioural differences while defining more accurate segments so communication efforts can be tailored to their specific needs. Through life-time value analysis we support our clients in their effort to distribute and focus their spending on the right target group.

Our analysis provides easy to use templates which can be integrated seamlessly in their marketing strategy and planning efforts.


Though marketing generates potentially the largest data input to companies’ data warehouses these must be aligned with the general strategy. We provide steering tools through our holistic data approach to shorten reporting chains and simplify their decision making.

We support our customers in the cleaning, structuring, and analysing of their data, independent of the source. We eliminate silos and harness the full potential of your data.

Selected Cases

Doubling the conversion rate

Doubling the conversion rate Channel Analysis & Mix Modelling Data, Technology & Analytics for Marketing Process automation for an Agency Determining which channels led to conversions is an essential marketing

80% increase in ROI

80% increase in ROI Through cost optimization and budget reallocation Data, Technology & Analytics for Marketing ROI optimisation for a MedTech company There are a multitude of reasons which can

600% increase in digital leads

600% increase in digital leads Behavioral Data Analysis Data, Technology & Analytics for Marketing Increased digital lead generation through behavioral analysis for real estate company Companies digitising their product offering

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